Thursday, October 28, 2010


Shipping cherry has  *popped*! :)
and please remember if you did not get an order in this round , I will have more of the same of some products available after the shipping is over and DTM items:)!!

and because of the crash guys, some orders are in my files as processing a few days later then the date they were really placed, it is the result of the cart working itself out days after the crash. So I am going loosely in day order since many of the singles I am coming up on look as if they were placed as late as the 22nd, , but your paypal shows the 19th and I do not have time at this point to open each and every order invoice to match up the dates then put them in order and I don't want to punish someone for my crash drama.
 So in the words of the great  Janis Joplin, as far as Halloween orders are concerned this time, " It's all the same *bleep* day, man."

One of my fav songs of hers:

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