Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween ~ update

All Hallows Bathing Dust

Just a little update so you don't think the goblins ran away with me and hid me in the forest!
We are close!!! If we had not lost a week due to the shooting at our daycare we would be good as gold, so its still a mountain sized nerve ball for me.

The Strange Sisters collection is in its final phases of tweaking the labels and such.

And I did give out a very few oil samples of the collection, but..... I wasn't completely satisfied and Shadow had morphed into something oogly, so I did a redo last week, late I  know but I can't let anything go unless I love it.

So all of the Strange Sisters collections are done but Faustine, I have the powders and body butters left to do but shouldn't take too much more time. And the parfaits are almost done and two lip butter flavors, and then we start the packing dance.

I want to get some help for packing too, it sometimes takes longer then making the items themselves.

So I will of course do my best to get whoever is helping up to speed, but if the box isn't EXACTLY like I pack then please know its because we are all individuals:)

So my goal is to start shipping early next week, so if you had your heart set for any reason at all to get your box by the day, I am doing my absolute best to catch up but there are so many orders!! and many with multiples,  so please let me know so I can see where I am at with your order , email me at:

If however your hearts NOT set on the day, it will give me a chance to make and give you this as a free gift!!

Ta-da! Halloweenie Cupcake Soaps!!!
Devil's foodcake with Maple Oat Vanilla Nutmeg "Frosting"
yes look at the shiny object.......your eyes are get sleepy...... sleepy...... gaze at the soapy cupcake....mmmmm....... everything is alright......;)

I made a tiny batch of these for the very last Mabon orders that went out and I LOVED making them, made me all giddy!! I finally found a soap frosting recipe that works AND is stable enough to ship safely. So I have now the molds to make the cake part for 30 at a time and so I can make more , faster!! And will be making them all Fall and Winter in various scents and themes.

I also have new pics of some of the Halloween products in their finial stages bur my camera cord is hiding, so soon.
Mabon handmade, hand stamped incense tablets

Oh, and I also am still refunding some of the Mabon over shipping fees, so sorry for taking so long , with the emails I lost it is very confusing and many of you owe me from before , and I owe you from Mabon, so its a math problem but I am getting to them.

Ok have a fab weekend, me? I will be the one working her arse off to finish the Halloween Madness, but still having fun!

Blessings ~Moona

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