Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain aka Halloween everyone!!

From last years "mini moona theater" photo set
 The celtic New Year is upon us,  the wheel has turned again!
Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all blessings and light!
Tradition we follow every year is to dress as what you want to project into your life this coming year. I will never forget the year I dressed as " successful Moona" about five years ago, and MoonaLisa has never stopped being unbelievably busy ever since;)
I loved that little theater, but the cursed plays name was spoken and things went strangely awry....

So how does one dress to convey successful AND caught up , with all things in order???? hmmmmmmmmm........

so many things to shout out!:) and we are grateful for so much!
First off the generous hearted Shopping Queen has a Moona giveaway on her blog:

From last years photo shoot, " The Dracae", drowning it under water late at night spooked poor moona!
Another beloved customer has her yearly cool and spooky podcast available to listen to here!!!:

Moona's Monster Spray is making a come back, but...... with a very very cool label by the very talented Michael Slack, the monster guy himself , yea!!!! He did our awesome limited edition Halloween label last year:

Turn to page 114 of your Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook to get your Michael Slack treat box,  and you can also go to this web page for all kinds of oober cool free downloads with Michael's art!!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween everyone!!!
)0( ~moona

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