Saturday, September 25, 2010

Packing UPDATE #33330303031 :)

Update: still packing single Mabons, there were about 90% singles, which happens with smaller sales, but they take a little longer because of set ups for each box and samples/gifties, and I ran out of bigger tubs for the DTM body butters samps. So I am using smaller ones now, and I have two going around now, a super thick white butter I scented with Orange Bloosom and Patchouli and Now ~ a cocoa-butter one I scented with a blend I call: Chocolate Lava Cake, has real cocoa ab in it as well as fragrance, now these... are both Drive thru Moo previews, so these are bases and Not my hand made cream, I love them both, but they are not the super thick butter I make. But you will get them wayyyyyyy faster~! so bonus!

And since the cream tubs are now smaller then the first ones, I also made a really earthy All Hallows Eve Ancestoral Bathing Dust now to add to the pot, smells to me just like an old dusty graveyard! I know some of you may say ewe~ But I love that smell!!!!! and I added just a smidgen of homey Hallows Eve goodness so it wouldn't be to over the top earthy graveyard..

as well as the soap I made with the scent that is close to the new scrub scent :butterscotch pudding and spiced walnut molasses glazed devils food cake:)
don't blame me if you cave to cravings- I have been fighting since I made the soap not to make devils food cake filled with butterscotch pudding cupcakes, I think I'm losing!!!

 ok packing all night! Back to it, thank goodness netflix just added a BUNCH of cool new retro Horror!! so much fun for me to have it in the background keeping me company:)

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