Monday, September 27, 2010

Crash orders and Mabon order update

hey guys, there are about 30 orders that were marked as "unfinished" because of the crash, now they are marked finished??? I don't know if its the cart or what why they are marked differently, but Skye so efficiently did send me a printable list last week and I a working off of it, the bad thing but fixable is I many are paid and completed but I never received a notification from paypal as well as my site and I NEED one from PP to know there is an order to fill. So I now have to go thru each and everyone and search for the payment via PP and then copy and send myself a work order, the point of this post: it is going to take some time , so please please don't worry of if you had an order from the crash night not resolved yet, I will get to them. And make it perfectly clear everywhere when I think I a done with the, and THEN of you think I missed yours I will find  and resolve it. So if you paid its all good and even if you have NOT paid yet, I will still honor your order form the crash and then you just need to finish the transaction, so no worries.
Ok still packing Mabon!!! Dh is on the way to drop off about 30 boxes!!

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