Thursday, September 23, 2010

stock counts and crashing sites

hey:) sorry about that guys things did not go according to plan,  the first day was the crash so there are still orders I need to individually email each and every person and ask if they still want them and or hunt down the payment for them, because the crash did not complete nor generate invoices to me or the customer. Some are paid for , some are not , some still want them , some people do not, etc....
So if any of the stock is left from those orders I will either re-list it or just make the stock - and when all finished have it  available for Drive thru Moo, have not decided yet.
The site was zeroed out from the crash stock numbers Sunday, because we are unsure at this time if the site had time to pull the stock or not- so after I contact each and  every person,  I will put the unfinished orders counts into my spreadsheet and see if there is any left I can re-list.
It is a mess from Sunday, so it is going to be a few days before I can deal with it.

We did load all the numbers for the second day, but not the third day, again simply because I do not know if the site over sold due to the crash and very well may have, so I don't dare list more then I can make in the time I have , nor more then I have oils for the discontinued scents.
And again , I really am sincere when I apoligize for not giving more notice.
 It was really out of my hands after the crash and I am ertrnally greatful to the server that went above and beyond to move us to a huge new server and make the sale a go, instead of sending me on my way.  And to Skye , she has spent many many hours and time working this all out and going to bat for us with the server so we could have the sale.
But there is a three hour time difference, and I did not feel I could kevetch and pin them down to an exact time when they were doing me this favor , so we just went live . They also have advised me the reason we crash is having everyone queued and ready at the exact same time, F5ing F5F5F5F5,
and this is not the first crash at my Halloween sale, this is the third!
so I am listening to the experts, now that the problem is clear to me. And things will have to be done differently from now on.

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