Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a quick note and important note from Skye: The website was written for Firefox so it works best when you use that for your browser. The scroll bar on the right-hand of the book can be dragged down so that the scent options drop-down menu appears. For items with scent options: Once a scent is sold out it will still appear in the option drop-down menu but will no longer be able to be added to the cart. This is an issue with the cart inventory management that I'm still trying to find a work-around for.

and from Lisa- still more items coming... we now have in oober cool 16 oz Black Bottles for the 4 in1's:) and I redesigned the Let them Eat Cake label , the large 4 in1's will also be available for the Strange Sister collections, and red 4 oz tapered bottles for dry sprays.. ok gotta go:)

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