Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ok , so we can't go back up tonight - so sorry guys - so this is what I need to do. To save confusion and my site, if tonight you had an order in your cart and couldn't complete it, then please do so when we are live again .
But guys, please no mad rushes to the site.
I am
only keeping the third of stock that was loaded today there, so you can complete your orders. When it is gone from my site it is gone.The other two thirds of it we for had reserved for the two days we planned will be loaded onto...I'm gonna say it... BIg...Cartel. My site will be for previews and Drive thru Moo until we can figure this all out. 

SO AGAIN : only finish up the orders you were doing from you were in the process of doing. Once we are live again I can see the back logs of orders not completed .

Also except for internationals- I think it would be best not to combine orders on bigcartel, they do not crash ( knock on wood LOUDLY)  so that is not an issue , but their backlogs are not as user friendly for me and hard to see if you have a multiple order. 

Unless of course you are an international because your postage is outrageous.

So sorry for all of this - again...

and Skye so kindly said she would load it all for me onto BC once we can get the back logs from my site , the dates and times TBA. Looks like this Wednesday so far.

Ok I still have Mabon orders to work on....

Thanks for everything guys:)

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