Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween hubbub

Hello, many of you have asked whats the hold up on the Halloween collection, it is the same problem as always, TAT TAT TAT. How can I make artisan quality products for so many now and as fast as they are desired??? Don't know:)

But for this Halloween what we have disscused and decided to do is:
have the LE Strange Sisters collection featuring the Art labels of Christane Cegavske, Kerry Kate and myself available for individual items in the collection or choose black boxed sets tied with black and white striped ribbon and cool tags.

There will be a limited amount of these items for each set and these will be sent in time to be received by Halloween, in the states of course, I have no control how long it takes to get to people over seas.
Each sister has two scents each, ...three if time allows available later, and items for this collection will be available in a perfume, soap, soy candle in a glass apothecary container and or a dusting powder.

So these will be for sale this Sunday thru Tuesday or until they sell out, which ever may come first. I will stagger the items over the three days giving people a chance in different time zones to catch a day. For example if I have 90 of one said item I will list 30 on Sunday, 30 on Monday and 30 on Tuesday. If they sell out quickly there will not be anymore available until the next day. This way more have a chance at them, and also keep the numbers down low enough for me to get them to you in time.

 There will also be available just a smattering of some Halloween soaps and scrub parfaits. New delectable bath cream mousse layered with scrub. Scents like Pumpkin caramel mousse and pumpkin bread scrub for example.
and as time allows ...pre-made items will be available in the new section of the site called " Drive thru Moo" but I will let you know more about that later. It is a new concept we have been talking about. A way to give you the time consuming artisan made product I can make for you and also have available more often some pre-made high quality bases made for me with my scents, so I can offer them to you at a much faster TAT.

one more thing if you do want some of the really involved items like the Seeing Eye candle, I can make them to order but they will have a long TAT attached to them. So I will have a place to order some candles custom. I also have some gorgeous dried flowers from India I believe,  you brew them into the wax and they leave a heavenly spicy aroma and deep orange color, ooooooo:) I so want make them into candles this year, so stay tuned...
OK I got work to do......

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