Monday, September 20, 2010

OK official word is we are back, BUT no sale tonight because the site is still not safe from coming back down so please wait and do not rush to the site. 

If you must go there, please no refresh button , means NO f5ing !! it overloads the server and what causes them to crash when so many people are doing it all at the same time.

and there are many many incomplete orders in the back end I need to deal with so I will be contacting you.

And some are still "queued" , which means you never made it to the check out with your otems and they are still in your cart, and I will email you if you want it or cancel it because the "queued " orders may not have the stock available anymore.
So we are dealing , and will clean this mess up from last night .
THEN do it again!! ha.. - differently, TBA- there is talk from the server on ideas and the bigcartel site is still a possibility -so I will keep you informed, please let the other boards know for me if that haven't been told already.
Thanks so much!!

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