Sunday, August 15, 2010

The inside poo on Moopoo!!!

Hey guys, I saw on the green some wondering so here is the inside poop on Moopoo:)

 Mabon is coming fast , but I am in the middle of  finishing up some orders and the very last May etsys that had some things I needed to do and or some corrections from past orders, so I hope to wrap them all up by mid-week.
But I am really worried about time again , so Mabon... and I am adding the strawberry scented stuff to restock with it,  because the Strawberry just does not fit into my Halloween plans at all, well if I called it blood of the innocent ( Buffy reference) , but thats a no..  I am listing Candied Strawberries and Liqueur filled dreams: scrub again, powder and 4 in1, and Strawberry dipped in chocolate soap and lip butter in the tube.  And yes there has been a slight increase, I had my 4 in1's listed at 10.95 when I found my old catalog from 1996!!!  well before the web, the olden days, and it was 10.95 then, I totally forgot I them on sale back in 2007 and never noticed I didn't change it back, and Skye who has been helping me load all the stuff onto the site, and great job BTW!!!! I just don't have the time, well she noticed the prices were too low before I even had a chance to tell her about the catalog. So with the price of the bottles, labels- I use polyester to keep them water proof and the perfume in them and the gel ingredients themselves, it is time to raise them just a tad. I hope to offer again in the near future the 16 oz, size and these will be at a price break of course.
So besides the ton of components to make the Strawberry scent,  I also have a surplus of various apple oils. I have been experimenting for a long while with a  soap and candle carmel outer shell with an inner spiced apple  and a candied apple shell with an inner green apple. But no candles for this smaller sale yet, soon I hope because of time.  And perhaps a Mabon apple scent. And I have a surplus of Bongo Poppy Cake made up too!!
And this small sale will be on my site: , this  week perhaps -Tuesday or Wednesday not sure or even Thursday depends on where  I am at with things, and it is going to be really tiny.
Limiting it will ensure it shipping on time, last year we listed and made and shipped all of Mabon listings within five days and I am listing even less then that this time so not a problem as far as TAT on Mabon.
And the rest of the " Let them Eat Cake"  collection I am rolling it over into Halloween listings, I have ideas on how to change Marie's dress to a cute little striped number and a masquerade mask . I was also reminded that if I don't roll over what I planned for the tiny Let them eat cake into Halloween , I will never make it in time, and she is right. I still don't know if I will be able to make it all in time, so please keep that in mind when you order, but Mabon for sure I can handle by the deadline.
Expect Halloween to be on sale much sooner then you thought, but I will let you know still.
So again:  this first small Mabon sale ( Mabon is the Autumnal Equinox) this week
and Halloween to follow and they will not be combined for shipping- that is the Mabon sale items with Halloween- this way I do not have to keep track of who ordered Mabon, just ship it as soon as its done , which I am aiming for the beginning of September or sooner.
Thanks Guys!!!

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