Saturday, August 14, 2010

Greetings on the Witching Hour !!

I don't know if anyone has noticed or not, but I keep changing the look of this blog by playing with the new blogger template toy. I am just anticipating the day my blog skin will be in place, created by the ever so talented Kira Butler:)!

This blog Skin I am using at the moment reminds me of the story " The Yellow Wallpaper", I love that story. But oh so soon I will have my skin Kira Butler designed for me, someday in the near future.

Here is a tasty peek at her blog entry and the skin, isn't she amazing!!

 and speaking of soon........a small Mabon release is right around the corner......


  1. Thanks for the pingback :)

    Anytime you're ready to get that theme installed, I'm good to go... ;)

  2. The Yellow Wallpaper...creepy and yet so appropriate.

  3. it was required reading at the Art Institute I attended, and at the same time I read it, I was also doing a large scale painting of a woman being tormented by the shadow's of her mind rocking back and forth in a corner of a room all painted yellow, so when I read the story I was so excited that it jived right along with what I was painting and going through. I was being tormented by a mentally ill and violent roommate and I had to stay in this apartment while I healed from a horrible accident , with my leg in a brace and crutches, so the whole thing hit really hit close to home for me.

  4. ooh the new skin looks amazing - can't wait for it to be complete.

    by the way, I just received my order yesterday and its wonderful! thanks moona.