Friday, July 23, 2010

Brady Bunch Volcano episodes

So a little update - still chugging along, I think I can, I think I can.....

We had a minor little hiccup with the Midnight Margarita Scrubs and why
still no orders have been shipped with it, but should be able to today (knocks on wood) . 

It seems I am a stubborn sort and even though I had
that awful time last year with the Midnight Margarita bath bombs I felt I could pull off scrub without a hitch, well.... it
is a problem with acidic ( Lime and Lemon eo's)  oils reacting with my scrub recipe ... and we had to un-jar-uhg- all the MM scrubs, put it in large tubs and let them sit and wait out the reaction. It seems acidic oils and certain sodium's cause the scrub to react like a sixth grade volcano experiment, but much more subtle. They just kept expanding and expanding, like the never ending scrub. I didn't notice until I took them out of the fridge when I was ready to start shipping them, and oil had seeped out, so I opened one to see what the trouble was and OMG, sooo glad the jars did not explode!!! 

So we immediately un-jared the whole lot. I have been sweating it out, waiting for them to be done doing what they will, Mooman all the while doing his best Scottie imitation from Star Trek: "but captain, you can't change the law of physics!". it seems my glares have NO effect on his comedian antics:) So , I am re-jarring them this morning since they seem to be behaving now, and will send all the boxes I have waiting for them on the their to you all soon:)