Saturday, June 5, 2010

update on the roller ball disaster

We had to pull 32 bottles from my left over decanted stock!!! So pissed!!
None were disintegrated yet, but probably because they are decanted then stored standing up so no oil really hit them yet, but any that looked suspicious the tops are removed and awaiting new bottles. And for the orders that are left from April to ship: The ones I had already packed with perfumes in them, I went ahead and opened them back up today to check them all, but please if you got a roller ball check it  again anyway to make sure, perhaps it didn't happen yet.And many of you got strange and or unusual bottles. I did a reconnaissance mission today:) I dug deep into the workshop and found some old boxes of bottles I used to use and poured the perfumes into them, some are a bit wacky- some hold more then the roller ball perfume held, so if I could make up the space with more perfume I did, if I didn't it means I didn't have enough to. But you were not short changed on any amount , you can count in that, some just are deceiving in size and look like a lot less then the roller ball bottles, some are full to the top, some were the exact same capacity, or the bottle may look small but they are not. I was meticulous in pouring your exact bottle into the new one and adding a little more to make up for the smidgen lost in the sides of the old bottle. So I need to make a list of who needs an empty bottle, I was so rushed to do this and get them sent today I don't know if I forgot anyone or perhaps you like the alternative bottle, some are really pretty:) and a few of you left are almost all perfume, so I will be emailing you to ask your preference. SO if you are [b]still[/b] waiting to receive your box and you want a replacement glass bottle or perfume,  please email me and I will send them to you .and of course if you [b]already[/b] got your box and you need a bottle or an entirely new perfume also email me, all at :