Sunday, June 13, 2010

Roller Ball update

Hey everyone, roll-on tops came late afternoon yesterday, they didn't send the bottles, which made me go "ballistic" -har! , but I have enough glass bottoms and they fit- so no worries.
 I am testing them now , wouldn't want a repeat disaster, no sir!!!
and.... I am  awaiting pipettes so you can easily transfer your perfume to the new roll-on bottles,  and you will also get new labels, kind of like your very own mini perfume set:)

If you need a total replacement then of course you will receive a whole new bottle assembled like the one before but with a "working" roller ball.

And the pretty bottles came in as well,  and I love them,  although they are in three parts, which surprised me, and they hold slightly less then the old bottles did, which also surprised me. So this is why you have been, and will be receiving a side vial of the oil left over from the old size bottles that wouldn't fit.
 In the future listings of these pretty bottles I will adjust the price to reflect less oil.

SO- if you did not already email me at: , please do so now, some people mentioned it on forums but it would be a great help to me to have you all in one place so I can keep track who needs what replaced, thanks guys!!

and On the May orders listings I am behind, behind behind, Dh is home all week to help me, so I will update when I get a better idea how behind we are, we will move like the wind this week..... or so I hope:)
Have a great Sunday!!Blessings Moo

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