Saturday, June 5, 2010

roll tops and nightmares

GAWD, what a nightmare, cross posting from facebook:
Hey guys, please check all you April order perfumes, I keep getting reports of roller balls missing, I have no idea what happened!!! I would think I would see they were missing, so I am worried they have dissolved??? Or I really need more sleep!!!
It is a new supplier, and I thought they would be better since they are twice as fast at shipping,
but now I am regretting the change. So please check and let me know if you see any problems with your roller tops. It will be a lot less expensive for me to replace your bottles then the whole perfume , so if there is no damage I would rather do that , if there is damage, then of course I will replace the perfume. SORRY ABOUT THIS!!

ETA: Just got off the phone with the manufacture, and he said the rollers were different and a thinner grade of plastic and he is sending me a new gross of bottles and tops with the thicker tops today!
So I can send free bottles to anyone who has a problem. The only problem thing is I decanted into some of the old stock of bottles I still had, which are fine, but have no idea how many of the new bottles or which perfumes I used from the new faulty stock,
so just email me at : if there is any problem with your perfume roll on tops from APRIL etsy listings.

and blog only- YES I am still shipping Aprils listings: 14 left to go , almost there!!!

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