Wednesday, June 2, 2010

stock numbers and smug men

Hey all you who are still waiting, I ran short of stock on a few things, I have no idea why this always happens, I don't know if its my counting or when the carts get cart lifted they end up selling more then I have.
 The only good thing about it is the mooman was sooooo smug about taking over the numbers this time,  and he did a damn good job I must say because I am only short on a very few things not the huge amount as usual, but it still happened, so HA!! I say to the smug man.
So if you have an order that has Monoi butter in it, I ran short, I am making more today and then that will be the last of the April orders.  The rest of you its just a little thing here or there that went missing and I will be emailing you or just remake them today if I can.
Thank you all , and I am gonna cross post this to facebook.
Blessings ~moo

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