Friday, April 23, 2010

Official Announcement!!! ;)

This is an official announcement:  Shipping has commenced with April's Etsy moopoo orders - no more adding to pending orders as of right now:)

ahh! one more thing, I made a mistake when I listed the Monoi vanilla coconut cream in amber jars, the case I had was cobalt not amber, I hope that is ok with everyone. Sorry for my mistake. 

It does have a different label then the Monoi floral one, and it will be in the amber jars in the future, the idea being, the floral one in cobalt jars , and the vanilla coconut one in amber.

And please remember, 95% of orders did not having shipping charged to them, so please pay shipping fee invoices promptly after receiving them so I can get your orders out.
Monoi Coconut Vanilla Milk Bath (coming to my ETSY shop!) listings on ETSY coming very soon..... I believe I can list more poo on Sunday and Monday, then perhaps again later in the week as well. So see ya all soon!! 
Thank you so much everyone!!
Blessings ~moo


  1. Wow Moo, you must be hopping - shipping already?!?! Now go to bed and get some rest....oh, yeah, I realize that I'm still up as well. lol XO

  2. hey Portalkat:) yea- look who's talkin???;)

    and I think I am ready to ship is because I listed so much less then I normally do for big LE collections, I think thats the way, less more often, less is more!!!
    good to see you, and I will be emailing you about your order directly<3