Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank you Autumn!

AutumnsMagic, my favorite you-tube channel, not just because Autumn says such nice things about my wares :) , but because I just love to hear her talk , laugh , and say what is on her mind. I often have her playing in the background while I work late at night to keep me company:)
Thanks again Autumn for the glowing reviews!!

Have a Scentgasm: MoonaLisa's Way




The last of the Tassomancy Salts ( the ancient art of of tea reading, my Grandmother on my Father's side was a tea reader in the nineteen twenties) from Last Halloween sale 09, but no worries, I will make new ones this Halloween. The packaging took a long time. I made each collage for the tea reading cards double sided and by hand, then hand laminated them, gave them a rivet, and tied them to the glass jars. Corks are secured with colored beeswax. The Tassomancy salts were a fun idea I had to tea read in your bath water. The sea salts were infused with various smoked teas for months , then blended with essential oils and fragrance before bottling.

and soon guys, more listings on ETSY, hopefully the end of this week as I ship the last rounds...
pics for some of the samples gifties I made and sent out , you know how many I have to make??
I am not going to tell you:)
Sample size Lavender Abosolute/Amber scrub soap

Gateau St. Honoré  Cake Milk Bath

From Wiki: St. Honoré Cake is named for the French patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, Saint Honoré or Honoratus (d. 600 AD), bishop of Amiens.
This classic french dessert is a circle of puff pastry at its base with a ring of pâte à choux piped on the outer edge. After the base is baked small cream puffsare dipped in caramelized sugar and attached side by side on top of the circle of the pâte à choux.
My version has an almond and rose cream and syrup notes as well.


  1. I totally posted a comment on this...don't know what happened. Anyway, thank you so much for the shoutout/links to the YT videos (though I think you may have missed one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COWWBrMhZrk) I am SO EXCITED about the lavender salts (the sample you sent me smells incredible, even through the bag!) And that soap! And the Cake Milk Bath! Oh, I'm already jonesing for the next sale--and I JUST got my order in, lol! Lots of Love to you!