Saturday, April 24, 2010

UPDATED UPDATE-ETSY listings tomorrow

So to clarify: re-listing this April 30th- Friday 8:30 p.m. pacific daylight time and MAYDAY!!!! ;) May 1st- Saturday 9:00 am pacific daylight time, I hope that covers as many time zones as possible.
More of the same that was available Wednesday and a just a tad more;), hope to see you soon.

And I got just a little delayed on the previous orders going out because I got stuck on the freebie sample gifts, but all is well now, so what I have made so far and will be going around in the boxes until I run out and may have to make more or switch it up like I do, is:
Candied ginger , tangerine eo, white chocolate soap
a natural brown sugar, honey , Monoi coconut and vanilla flavored lip scrub
and an all natural lip stain made with shea oil, coconut oil and Bulgarian Rose absolute

 Thanks again everyone and over and out!<3 ~moo

Photos are from my garden when I lived in Half Moon Bay, ca. Roses are called
" American Beauty" and they bloomed all year long in that climate!


  1. Can't wait until your next sale! Hope that I'm going to be spending my birthday money on some yummy moo poo


  2. Thank you Roxy! I will be listing again this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I am attempting a new strategy of staggering the listings for each of those days so more people get a chance to get what they want.
    I hate to see people disappointed. Hope to see you then! Love the look of your blog BTW!!!
    Blessings ~moona

  3. oh my bad! - Happy Birthday!!!

  4. thanks for the birthday wishes moona! unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough for the sale today, I'll try again Friday :)

  5. OMG, lip scrub and stain! *dies*

    Moona, you always make the best surprises!!

  6. ooooo tickled you are pleased:)!!

  7. Oo, I'm intrigued by the lip stain, but with my pale skin who knows how it would look!

    Tangerine? Yum! I love citrusy scents for summer.

    Is the nail serum still in the works Moona?

  8. it is, funny that, when I first was doing research to make it, I had plotted where to get the bottles for them , then I was already to place my order for them, and the supply house where I was going to get them no longer had them!!! Now I am having a heck of a time trying to find the same ones, I found clear glass, but I want amber or cobalt to protect the precious oils, so I am still looking once I find them , then they will be a go. I am looking for those squarish amber bottles with a dropper.
    I also am researching face oils too.

  9. and the stain on me, of course I am very dark, is a light to medium natural earthy rose, very glossy.
    I wish the rose oil had more of a rose flavor, but I taste the honey and a sight rose flavor. It s 100% natural recipe, and has sea buckhorn oil which is amazing for softening the skin.

  10. What about something like this? It's more oval or rectangular though, I think.

    It might sound strange, but check some science glass places - we used to use bottles like you are talking about in chemistry and biology.

  11. OMG! bingo!!!!! ding ding ding, I was just putting in the wrong description for the search, thank you so mUCH!
    check it out, same place , but different design, exactly what I was looking for!! yea- ok nail serums right around the corner:)

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