Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Its late and I am almost done!!

I just realized how late it is, wow, I need to get to bed!!!  I am soooooo close to being completely done with all pending orders I can taste it!!! That took way to long again- sorry about that everyone.

The handful of orders left on the worktable are packed with the exception of a thing here, or a detail there that still needs that last finishing touch, and then off on their merry way:)

So I predict I should be done about midday, then my ETSY shop will have new listings to peruse!!! As well as some of the leftovers from the Winter collection. But remember , I am trying short controlled bursts,  rather then chaos causing massive floods. And I will just keep re-listing, but give me a few days to get into the flow of this new way of doing things. My hope is it will be less stressful and more fun for us both. But I better get some rest, so ciao for now:)

Blessings ~Moona


  1. No burning the midnight oil! You need rest, hehe. Glad to hear that you are getting everything wrapped up, everyone has been so happy getting their packages. :D

  2. Moo - GO TO BED!!! Yes, all caps because I was yelling at you to take care of yourself. XO

  3. OMG- you know me too well!
    I am going right now!! and.... I love you<3