Friday, March 19, 2010

update #1,079,601 :and OMG! Happy Ostara aka Vernal Equinox ( so embarrassing!)

Order update: hey guys , just finishing up the free gifts for the last of these singles, so multiples are right around the corner.
I always under estimate how many free gifts I need pot stirring 

Thank you all for your patience:)~moo

eta: where are my manners!!! 
One if the new freebie gifts added to the pool:
At long last ....
 Monoi Coconut Milk Bath 
Melted coconut scented Monoi butter, coconut powdered milk which I WANT TO EAT BY THE SPOONFUL. I also put in it Epsom salts, Sonoma Spa fine salts, Milk Powder, Ginseng Root Powder, Bamboo Powder , GF oatmeal, Honey Powder and a smidgen of scent to match and support the Monoi coconut aroma.
And since the oatmeal is gluten free, I had to grind it myself ( because they don't sell gluten free oatmeal for making bath products), so it is ultra fine ( I ground it with two different machines), but not being a machine myself, and it did leave the tiniest of grain behind on the bottom of my bathing tub which rinsed out effortlessly, and I couldn't feel it at all while I was in the water. 
Also the sample size bag does give off a lot of aroma on cold sniff ,but just a soft natural coconut smell in the tub. But the silky feel of my skin after the bath, and the relaxation from it was exactly what I was after, so Enjoy!
And just as soon as all these orders are out, small batches of moopoo will be available for your purchasing pleasure on ETSY, listed over and over for a while so I can catch up for the next big LE collection release:) Thank you all<3


  1. Ooo, that coconut bath sounds awesome! Glad to hear everyone is healthy again. I can't wait for the next collection - bakery treats, mmm!

  2. I always wonder if etailers use their own bath and body products , the coconut bath does indeed sound awesome .
    What Moona product do you swear by and what is your personal signature scent or do you have one at all ?
    Have a great weekend !

  3. hi you two:)
    I do use my own, and why I created them, besides my food and drug allergies, my skin is so sensitive I swear breathing on it can make it react.
    I do tend to make myself moopoo unscented or with natural eos only because fragrance can cause me to flair up. I used to make only a 100% natural scents and products, and by 100% I mean absolutely no synthetic fragrances at all except for musk, but since I acquired a gourmand following and been on the boards I have learned to use them in moderation to create more affordable and not possible scents made otherwise. And the criticism I had when MoonaLisa ™ first hit the forums was it smelled too medicinal, well thats because it was medicinal aromatherapeutic only. I think I now make a healthy mix of both medicinal and fun scents.

    and what products can I not live without that I make and use just about everyday? hmmm: my Herbalists Gold cream, my 4 in1 usual unscented, I alternate with my Gypsy Chocolate Cake soap, and any Lavender one I may have on hand,my herbal mercy facial scrub, soothing footbalm and if I am not feeling well my Sea Witch™ products , soap and salts, I bath in a blend of dead sea and pink Himalayan salts scented usually with frankincense and rose ab, or neroli and patchouli which I will be offering soon, oh yea my body powder unscented or scented with neroli and patchouli and my signature scent if I wear one , which is rare but have had a hankering lately:) well it was Eclipse, but I have grown tired of it and its now Trance for sure!
    ok that was probably a longer post then you expected, back to work for me:)

  4. OMG - neroli and patchouli! Sorry, I don't even remember much about anything else you said because those two words have me under their spell.........then there is Trance to think about. *swoons a bit*

  5. hey PortalKat, us Cali girls stay up far too late!! I must get to bed in seconds, got a big day tomorrow to catch up with order packing.
    And I didn't know you are also a fan of that combo, I have had a love affair with the two together for years:) They are really beautiful in powder form, just beautiful- sweet dreams luv<3