Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update #1,079,600 :)

Hey everyone,
I am still shipping the singles, but should be done with them in a couple of days or less , then onto the multiples.
So sorry for the further delay,  after the hellish weekend with minimoo, I then fell with a virus type of problem they thought was strep throat, gave me another antibiotic, the fourth in the past few months and I had such a severe reaction this weekend we ended up at the ER again. They diagnosed me with something so strange I never heard of it before but its a hyper sensitivity to antibiotics called serum sickness.
So I have a new epipen and a new allergist I am seeing soon. They had me stop the antibiotics altogether, and since I have stopped , the illness has cleared my system and  I can't tell you how much better I feel.
 Thank you all for bearing with me through all this sickness, I feel terrible you have had to endure all of this just to get your products, but now that we know the cure may be the cause for a lot of my illnesses lately , my hope is we are all on the road to recovery now and Back to work!!!'
So shipping madness is taking place momentarily.
Thank you all! Blessings Moona


  1. How awful! I am so glad you are feeling better. I carry an epipen too, and while it's not ideal, a good allergist and the pen are worth their weight in gold. I hope you can get some good answers about the future from your doc.

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  3. Oh, my......I'm glad that you and the minimoo are feeling better. What a tough road it has been. XO