Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little update

Hi everyone, just a little update. I had a hellish last four days , but things are back on track now. ( knocks on wood).
Minimoo suddenly became very ill, 104 temp and vomiting so we ended up in the ER on Saturday, ALL day, and then we had the surgery he desperately needed for his tubes to be placed in his ears yesterday ( Monday).
He is doing amazingly well. Its like night and day really. He was so sick and listless this past weekend, it scared the daylights out of me, and last night he was his normally little hooligan self, screaming and yelling, grinning and getting into EVERYTHING- thank the heavens:)
And to add to the stress of it all, ironically my husband was away on a gig, just home late at night, so it was very very difficult to say the least , and I had to put all moona on temporary hold.
But I am back to the swing of it today. I still think we can finish up the single only orders and onto the multiples by the weekend still.
And to clarify , SINGLES: thats an order either from ETSY or the Big-cartel site that has NO other orders , then on to the multiples,
Multiples: which are orders with an etsy AND or a BC order , or multiple BC orders , or multiple etsy orders. ( make sense, no? I hope so:))
So from now on:  I will list on ETSY again soon, but please keep in mind, any listings sold from now on from the ETSY shop will not be combined with any other pending orders. ( they can be combined with themselves,  ie: multiple etsy orders) They will go out immediately after the Winter moopoo sale is finished shipping. And from now on ship continuously while collections are being made and shipped etc.
This is to save TAT and to keep as many people possible in moopoo. And I am looking at a way to have the ETSY orders shipping constantly and packed by someone else, other then myself, so I can be on the collections and product making intensely.
Ok must go to work,
 Blessings and be well everyone:)


  1. Awww, I had this awful feeling that Minimoo was unwell because I am just weird that way. I'm glad that he got his, um, antennas installed and that he and both of you are doing better. XO

  2. My son had ear tubes and they were amazing! Gone were the holidays, nights, weekends spent waiting in ER with a sick, crying child. I'm glad your little guy is on the mend, hope you get some rest now too, chronic ear infections aren't any fun!