Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update and ETSY news

Hello everyone:)
I am still working on the Winter Collection and combining with the Halloween leftovers. I am still shipping the singles and hope to be on the multiples by the end of next week. 

So I wanted to let you know what is going on with my ETSY shop. 
My goal for the ETSY shop is to start to have perfumes and staples listed on a regular basis . Not a ton of moopoo, just enough for those who are either out of something, hankering for an item, wanna try it out for the first time, or missed out on one of the seasonal collection site sales. 

After this past Winter collection round one is finished shipping , I will no longer be combining ETSY orders with orders made from my other sites. This is in hope to serve you all better and faster. I will of course refund any shipping overages charged, please see my new shop policies on ETSY for more information.

BUT- I will still have my seasonal collections and limited editions on the big-cartel for now. And soon we hope to have our server problems all sorted out ( its really because of me at this point not having the time to test the new server yet) 
and then we will move into the new site permanently ( site)
But~ still keep the ETSY store as I explained above. So I hope that all made sense???
 I do have just a few things listed right now and will post more after this weekend when I have had a chance to ship a lot more orders. 
I will be and have listed Trance, Enchanted and Lavender Fields on ETSY, but I will also list them when the next collection is released. Listing a "few" of the same things on ETSY is to help ease the flood, well I hope so anyway. Ebb and flow remember, ebb and flow:)
  Also being listed on ETSY soon, unscented products for those with allergies or chronic headaches ( like me) , I love a scented bath , but sometimes I just want the benefit but not the scent and make them for myself all the time. Being pregnant also really opened my eyes on how little natural unscented products are out there on the market. So look forward to: unscented 4 in1's, lotions, cocoa-butter body butter ( cocoa-butter's natural scent will still be present) , mineral salt  baths , bath bomb bags, soy candles and lip butter all will be listed on ETSY. 
This will also be a great venue for my whim items, for instance , sometimes I have only a little of a scent I made and would like to have the creative freedom to make just a few items from it , instead of loads and loads of product. 
 Or specialty items I can't make tons of , for example I have these gorgeous gift boxes I am dying to fill with beautiful things. or sometimes I happen upon some very limited vessels.
 And I must say it is really odd to me to have listings on ETSY and have them still there.... it is cool, especially because my little ETSY widget is always so empty when things sell out so fast, but still very odd:)
Thank you guys , talk to you all soon~ Moona


  1. Thanks Moona! I can't wait to smell Trance...mmmm...real vanilla is so yummy. I always want to drink from the bottle when I'm baking!

    I love the idea of a few things on Etsy as the spirit moves. Your products are a joy, and everyone should get the chance to try them!

  2. Awe, thank you Rachel! you are so sweet:)