Monday, February 22, 2010

By now you must have all seen that the recent shipping has POPPED! Hey its a Winter collection and its still Winter so progress!!! I don't know how long it is going to take to finish all the shipping but as usual I will do my best. We did lose a week being ill:( That was a whopper of a virus which turned into respiratory infections for all three of us and required antibiotics, but we are all 100% now so yea!
The first of the newsletters is going out in about a week. And new listings are right around the corner. I will post here some of the items to wet your appetite before I list so no worries.
The magic box feature to the right is a random photo displayer , it goes by whatever word you put in, cool aye? These are not my pics, but I am working on that. I think it would be a wonderful media tool if I could control it, so we shall see.....

So just a glimpse of what is in the works of new moopoo:

Smokeless simmering incense

Enchanted Body powder and others....

a nail serum for health and growth

My facial mask I have sold for about 15 years to my in-person client's , well I think I finally have a way to package it for the masses

and a mediaeval recipe for a rose syrup and almond cream dessert converted into a scrub
 ( The little gold knife is mini )

and my new " Let Them Eat Cake" collection. The frustrated pastry chef in me MUST be appeased!!!
We were just reminiscing tonight of my days of a personal chef,mmmm
Vanilla bean infused crème fraiche, topping off a sticky rum soaked gingerbread cake...

sugared violets adorning a Chambord® raspberry liqueur soaked butter sponge cake...

and since we just picked seven , yes seven and still counting, grocery bags full of navel oranges from our tree this week, we remembered how I used to caramelize oranges slices!
An awfully laborious task, and used to adorn my Death by Chocolate cakes with them.
Triple layer chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache between the layers( my ganache had Turkish expresso coffee and Kahlua in it)... mmmm... I was known as the boozy chef- go figure!

And I can not watch the kind of silly, but oh so pretty movie directed by our own Sofia Coppola, without having an unbelievable desire to bake!!!!

And so has added to the inspiration. I came up with a bunch of these new recipies while I was pregnant and wrote them down, and one of them I made for our beloved forum member : Shiny for her birthday (Shiny has been an unbelievable gem in our lives. She knows just the timing when my energy is down from moopoo, and sends these incredible chocolate gift boxes of heaven from Holland!!!!) So I made her the Lavender Chocolate cake soap , filled with "Lavender Paradise" scrub, and topped with cocoa butter bath melts shaped as leaves and roses. Well, we have been working on the molds to make this happen in a much more practical way so I can offer them to many. So this collection that I speak of will have some of these creations, as well as some straight up scrub and bath cream concoctions for your decadent bathing pleasure.
After all.... I believe us woman of this modern age work so bloody hard!!!! , we deserve a chillaxin bathing experience.
Oh and bonus, a lot of the TAT is also swallowed up by the endless task of creating new looks and labels. Well... I found a gold mine on ETSY. And of course cleared it with the artist first. I found this little treasure named: Narry,
visit her at:

and she makes ATC card files, which I purchased and will alter to adorn the
" Let Them Eat Cake " collection- so BONUS!!!

but thats all I'm saying....
Have a great week everyone!!!!
Blessings Moona

eta: If your cutouts are lets say a little on the monochromatic side, its because our printer has seen its last days and a new one is on its way. I had to turn off the magenta inkwell to get it to print, so the cut outs are either really blue or really green. Sorry about that, but I didn't want to delay the shipping just because your cutouts were not in full color.


  1. Wow! So many exciting things to come - they all sound fantastic. I'm especially excited abou the nail serum! You're the best Moona, glad to hear everyone is healthy again. :)

  2. Thank you Rachel!!!! Always nice to see you:) Hope you are staying warm and snugly!

  3. Omg goddess.. you just raise the standard higher and higher with every collection !

    Btw,You must have been one helluva pastry chef!