Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank you and Foaming Fog label preview !!!!

Well thank you everyone!!! And I will combine if you already have a pending order and if not,  these ETSY orders will be shipped soon. I am in the process of making stock still so I will go back and forth between doing  both shipping and production.
And as promised for your viewing and awing pleasure, next months featured artist for the " Mysterious Foaming Fog Salts" is.........this is a drum roll..............
Trudy Cooper!!!! She is an AWESOME person and one talented lady!
Here is the label minus the fonts:


  1. wow! what an awesome label - she is truly talented! now i wish i had gotten those, hehe.

    i missed the sale this morning, but it looks like it was another crazy time :)

  2. I really love the concept of using your products to showcase different talents from the art world . I absolutely love the Slack art featured on the Halloween 4 in 1's . These new labels are fanatastic .

  3. Lushteabag, I am so pleased to hear that! It is kind of a strange concept for B&B products, but it satisfies my art and curator side for now. And I think is a great way to give exposure to really talented artists in a completely different venue.:) Michael is crazy talented, and I think you have seen his site you can also purchase games and such form amazon for the kiddo's and big kiddo's:

    and Rachel the foaming fog salts are not for sale yet, so you didn't miss those. I will list some in Feb and continue for a little while, they take so long to make I will have to release them in spurts, so hopefully everyone gets a shot at them. In case you are unfamiliar here is a link to one I sold in the past :

    but I am also changing up some the scents this year and some of the old ones will be back as well.