Monday, February 8, 2010

Update and New Loves

So the ETSY only orders are more then half way shipped already and many of you will be receiving your packages today. The rest of the Halloween restock, ETSY ONLY orders should be out by todays end. 
We are moving right along with the smallish Winter Collection of MooPoo round #1. I should be able to start shipping them out by this weekend, YEA!!

New samples going out starting today are:
My new deeply ambered scent ( and it is a completely different Amber then before) with a slight use of subtle spices, incense and vanilla bourbon called: " Trance" will be making its debut in some boxes, 
as well as my new " Field of Dreams " scent, the same amber as "Trance"  plus another amber blended with Lavender Kashmir, Lavender Absolute and Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia Moldova), and wow, on the dry down I am in LOVE <3 - these are all naturals so remember they do not have the staying power as most synthetics do, but they are no less lovely. 
One way to make an all natural have longer staying  power without the use of animal derived components is to use heavier resinous bases like Labdanum and Vanilla and I do , but I don't want them all to smell the same,  or all be so heavy , so although I LOVE LOVE these two they don't last as long as some of my other naturals like the Egyptian Royal Jelly Oil - Sekhmet, which is a really deep, heavy and smoky scent.

And in the same family of scent , but entirely different and with kind of a unisex flair :
Inspired Mr. Fancy Pants himself, one of my favorite artists and the subject of many wistful fantasies gazing at his numerous self-portraits, Mr. ALBRECHT DURER- hmm sigh...:) - called "Root" , but I am open to suggestions for the name, mooman insists on the name root, but I am still on the fence:)

Chasmere woods which is, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla . Blended with a rustic combination of dry woods, Amber, Myrrh, bold Parisian Lavender, Tonka bean, Angelica Root, and a splash of Egyptian Musk. This scent does contains some synthetics.
They are circulating in forms of perfume, bath salts and soaps.
ENJOY! ~moona

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