Friday, January 22, 2010


IT IS DONE!!!  I will now fall to the floor, have a cosmo or three and collapse and live to fight another day!! :) ( knocks on wood)
Thank you all so much!!! ALL the Halloween , perfume, and the fix its are either all ready completely done and in the postal drop bag for tomorrow, or they are on the work table taped and just awaiting a shipping label. Pa*pal- keeps giving me an error and saying to try again later- so I am going to call it a night and do the rest of the shipping labels in the morn. WOW-THIS COLLECTION KICKED MY ARESE! Even with help!!!

So lets just move on and hope the way I am doing the Winter collections work in a more timely and less exhausting fashion for all.

Etsy left over sale will be on Monday- there are the playoffs here in the states this Sunday, so I will be with my little guy and big guy.  So Monday will be better, not sure what time yet I will let you know. And there isn't a lot left , bath bomb bags are and Dracae BB's and other various stuffs.

So TAT clock rewind!!! But please give me the weekend to recuperate:)
Thanks guys , good night or good morning to you,  and have a fantastic weekend!!


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  2. hooray! glad you got it all done moona - i'm sure it's a big load off your shoulders!

    football for me today too - go viks!

  3. Sorry Rachel:( , we were unbiased, but what a game!!!!!