Sunday, January 24, 2010

Etsy Halloween Leftover Sale

hey... its so nice to hear you guys are happy with the moopoo:)
and pleeze don't kill me, but I want to postpone the ETSY sale just a little longer, you know how when you just keep going, and going, and going, then you stop, well thats me today- a big ole slug,
and I still have so many refunds for shipping to finish and invoices for product to send.
I just want to catch up , and not to mention we want to hit it hard tomorrow with the Winter poo so we don't get backed up again. So I am thinking later on in the week????

 I hope that is ok with everyone. I will give a heads up when I feel I have it more together-Thanks guys:)


  1. No! You can't stop now because you are on a roll....and I am just kidding. Take a break and enjoy life. <3 We love you and your wonderful moopoo.

  2. Thanks sweetie<3
    but I am already back to work;)