Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not another update.............

Hey guys, I am holding off the etsy left over sale another day, just don't want to list anything that might come popping up I need.
I am not done yet , but I am so so bloody close I can taste it!!! Just a couple things went awol- most likely my brain spasms at work:) like two -just two Chocolate Almond Coconut lip butters, one freaking blood and chocolate cupcake, and a bunch of little things like that , but they added up at the very end to be enough that I will have to finish up tomorrow. I don't want you guys to have been waiting this bloody long and not get what you ordered. I already had to do that for a few of the PP pillars = and thank you so much guys for switching or waiting on those. So tomorrow , I really really think its going to be tomorrow !!! for the popping of the champagne and the clock rewinding for the next sale!!
I will post when I am done:) Blessings ~moona

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