Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey guys, I am on the last of the Halloween orders but there are still some that are either so HUGE or have some thing extra I need to do to them ,  they are taking a lot of time to pack still, and a couple of little things were missing in my inventory and some bath bomb bags, so I had to remake them yesterday. And my internet connection is acting up , we called Vonage five bloody times yesterday and kept getting cut off because that is also our phone connection, they are working on it, so instead of sitting here, blowing a gasket everytime I try to log into paypal or Endica to generate your shipping labels , I am going to do them all at once today, so maybe it will go faster, so please bare with me, we are so close to wrapping  up the HALLOWEEN AND PERFUME SALE orders today, soo close.
Talk to you soon, Blessings `moo

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