Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, I guess I am slow as molasses, I really am working day and night to get these all out!
And I also guess denial would be a good word for what I do when I estimate how long it takes to ship my moopoo, yep, that would be the word, sorry about that guys. I swear it takes longer to pack and ship then to make everything. And the numbers are off, again on some stock counts. So yesterday I had to scramble and remake some stuff. And today as well, but I am so close to being in the teens for the singles, so multiples are right around the corner.
And the baffled , :)??? We are all set with the web site set up and separate bank account . All I am still waiting for is the verification from the new ****** account. I had signed up for the wrong type of account before, whoops, so it should be any day now. I will post the link to the baffled site as soon as I get the verification.
Talk to you all soon~~~~ Moona
ps- there will be a pic coming soon of poor minimoo's first scare, um I mean delight at meeting Santa- as soon as mooman downloads it, yes I am pestering him to do so, so now I have done it in public:)

ETA- oh yea:
 I am no longer including the halloween candy gifts soaps, and I am now including Winter Wonderland Collection gifties. 
Pretty bee soaps in:
In honor of the season and Mothers are obviously on my mind, two scent samples so far:

The Rose Sywch of Virtu- inspiration of course the Virgin Mother, and my absolutely fav cd I have for this time of year , 

Beeswax hued top layer in four different ambers and bottom layer creamy colored with Frankincense, Pinon Pitch, Copal and a touch of the sacred Damascus Rose. Top dusted with golden mica.

Mother's Milk- Top layer, a clearish honey color with nourishing Shea butter, ground walnut shells ( the same I use for the Mabon soaps),bottom layer brownish and all sweetened with real honey and scented with Almond nectar and oats.
Dusted with gold and cappuccino colored mica

mini scrub ( not mini like the halloween sample scrubs, same size as the smaller Witches Butter Balm)-
Winter Porridge: Steaming winter oats, smothered with melted butter, thick cream, and topped off with a saffron infused wild honey and dusted with ground walnut shells.
I tried a new technique, and I really like it, so the porridge is filling the tub then I pipe in the saffron honey into he middle , it doesn't convey as well in the small tubs, but I did a regular sized one as well to check it out, and it works great!!!!

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  1. Ooooh I can't wait to get my order! The samples sound amazing :)