Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update on mom:) and baffled

ETA- I totally forgot to update about the Winter preview, with everything going on I need to push it to next week. Sorry guys, its coming, I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, so next week will be much better for me , and more time to concentrate. Thank you for your understanding.

and Thank you everyone for your prayers and continued prayers and support:)
And today was the procedure and she did awesome! They were three hours behind so poor minimoo was at the daycare after hours, but I called ahead and they fed him dinner, but he has been clinging to me since we picked him up and just put him to bed. Which is a record early time btw. Poor little guy, must have been worried we left him.
But mom is doing great( knock on wood) , Her blood sugar did sky rocket, but she had to fast so bloody long I am not surprised , so they had to give her a dose of insulin. And they are keeping her for the rest of the week. Normally they would send you home, but with the mechanical value she has, they must carefully adjust her blood thinners back to where they need to be , so this requires her to stay. So I will keep you all posted. .
So today was a marathon day, I am pooped, and anxious to get back to work full speed. We still need to visit , and pick her up , and help her more then we have been once she is home . So it will be an adjustment for us all.
 And I am behind on new emails and etsy convos , so a few of days I need to catch up- and if I owe you an invoice , don't worry I will send them. A few of you are worried I didn't get your dibs on the perfumes before the etsy sale, I did , just need to catch up after everything- so no worries:)

And... so exciting!!!!!!- I got approved for the new bank account!! YEA!! So we are days from starting the baffled, but give me a few to set up the new account, and the new ****** account and new email. And just got a letter from Nicole herself today :) , Thank you Nicole<3 <3 <3 I wish you health ,  happiness and sending much love.


  1. Moona, it's so wonderful that your mom is doing well!! You guys are still in my thoughts.

  2. I'm so glad your Mom's procedure went well! Continued healing thoughts and prayers for doctor and nurse wisdom.

  3. I'm glad that everything went well. Still sending healing energy her way. <3