Saturday, November 28, 2009


Is all I have to say about Etsy-ok it finally worked , so I will erase the post I also made on etsy.
Thank you all today, I will combine if you still have a pending order and granted I see that you do, but I usually do.
If you don't already have a pending order , they will be coming right after all these COUGH" Halloween" orders are out.

Also- the baffled for Nicole will start soon, just as soon as I can talk to my bank branch and see what it takes to make a separate account. My goal is to not only do this baffled for Nicole , but many others on a regular basis for various charities, so I want to make double sure I have a clean way to keep track exactly how much is raised.

and the winter preview will be in text only ( I mean by text only is no web site preview page, just text and pics of some things), here either late Monday or Wednesday. My husband had a gig this holiday , so I was alone with minimoo and need to get back to packing these pending orders , so I need to push back the preview a bit. Not to mention the preparation for my mothers heart procedure for this coming Tuesday. But sooonn.

I let you know a few things:
A new Winter Scent for the Winter soap ( Winter Solstice scent is far to expensive to make in that kind of volume currently)
But Winter Solstice Bath Salts will be available. I so adore my Winter Solstice scent, and in the salts it carries so well and takes a sane amount of oil to do so. The soap eats it up and last year not only did it cost way to much to make, the guilt of depleting the world of all that Frankincense eo made me feel guilty.
Winter Porridge scrub is coming and it is soo comforting
a very realistic pipe tobacco scent in soy tins
My Christmas Pudding scrub is coming back
and the ~~~~Mysterious Foaming Fogs~~~~~
and I need your advice as to what I should do about the way things have been as far as TAT. It is inevitable for my TAT to be soooo long when I get so piled with orders all at once, and I am also behind a season and everything seems to require a lot of detail and steps to make. I so desperately want to catch up. What I am wondering is, should I stagger my stock numbers all Winter? Or list all at once again? I am afraid to do so and be in the same boat as now, ( and the dreaded site crashes as well) 
BUT remember also this is a WInter Collection! I can not make it by Christmas or Yule I am sure of it. The only way I could have anything by then , is to list some as limited as I did the Mabon. And that had a really fast TAT, I think it was something like 5-6 days from start to finish. I could do that, but then please don't get angry if you don't get an order in the first round- see what I mean? dilemma , dilemma, dilemma......


  1. Moona, if it makes it easier for you, just stagger product offerings throughout the season. I love your stuff so much, I'd order winter stuffs in June. ;-) And if staggering the offerings means I order twice to get the things I want, I'm good with that.

  2. I think staggering is a good way to go too.

  3. Moona, do what is best for you.

  4. Your products arenn't really products Moo, they're more like offerings, each woman being able to receive a soul boost at a time when it is most needed and appropriate for her.

    In earth speak do whatever works best for you:)

    Glad things went well for your Mom!