Friday, November 6, 2009

Shipping update!

So we are very very close to start the shipping ritual.
But my printer head just quit on me, but now that we also have the other label printer it doesn't effect all the products. And I just ordered the new printer-head , one within California so its on its way,and should be here by Monday.
I wish I would have ordered it earlier this week, but we just kept trying to fix the printer but were in printer failure denial land.
So I will start packing orders this weekend and hopefully start shipping them by Monday. But I NEED the new printer head to make shipping labels and receipts and to finish up the packaging on some of the products. Thank a goodness we have the other printer so we are not just waiting, Curl and I are finishing up packaging all we can with the other printer today , and we still have some scrubs to finish up. And I have been waiting and waiting for an elusive component to finish up the Dementia salts and the component was just sent. It is handmade by another artisan, so I must learn by you all and show patience as well. But its hard when I know you are all waiting.
And isn't it ironic my old printer gives up as soon as the new one came, jealously?????

And I wanted to thank you all again for your orders and patience, it is very much appreciated.

and on a serious note , I say Curl and I are working here today because my husband is driving my mother to see a cardiac electrophysioligist as I write this.
All of you who know her know she has had heart trouble since she was a child . Our family has a genetic defect in our hearts and on top of it my mother had rheumatic fever untreated as a child so she has had a valve replacement. Well I guess the move here was to much for her and her heart has enlarged so much it is taking up almost her entire chest. So they are sending her to a specialist for a defibrillator immediately, and today is the consultation for what we can expect. I would appreciate any prayers you can send to which ever deity you believe in or positive energy for my dear sweet mom.
Thank you and Blessings Moona


  1. Positive healing energy to your mother, Moona.

  2. i will keep your mother in my thoughts and prayers moona.

  3. Moona, your mom is in my prayers.

  4. Holding good thoughts for your mother and all of you, Moo.

  5. Thank you everyone, tomorrow is the procedure, so thank you all for having my mom in your thoughts and prayers:)