Saturday, October 31, 2009

a little snippet to get you in the mood......

Ok- so it could be better but It took a lot of time for what it is:)
Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain everyone!!!!! Enjoy!!!!
* oh and I did something wrong when I loaded it, and all the followers and add buttons are at the bottom now??? Anyone know how to put them back to the top? anyone?)
And hey:) there is a new newsletter sign box down below as well. I FINALLY signed up for a newsletter company that the email list works on. That is the reason you never got a newsletters before , or perhaps only a couple.... so go ahead and sign right up.

all images are copyrighted and the property of Lisa J Farrell- all are original art and or photography, please do not copy or publish without permission. :)


  1. May you have a most blessed Samhain Moona!

  2. That was very creatively entertaining! Loved watching it as I sit here waiting for all the trick or treaters. :)

  3. Oh glad you both enjoyed it:) I hope to use my editing software for macs someday to make fun product preview videos instead of having to use Slide, although Slide is a fun tool ~