Monday, November 9, 2009


ok so the perfume add-age is out:) and if you read on the green there are also creams, no there isn't, just a few perfumes.
I put them up for two reasons, I kept getting email requests for Eclipse and DOW, and tea reader , but thats not ready yet, but coming soon!!!
And the Mediæval, I was going to add anyway in Winter.
SO if I have not shipped your order yet, I can add them, but if for some reason you add them and your box is already weighed and taped up and label printed , it will be a separate package. But there is no shipping fee on the web site for the perfumes, I am only charging actual shipping fees as usual, so it shouldn't be more then a few dollars or less to ship. and if you order just perfume without an outstanding order then I will be invoicing you for the shipping fee.

And why are perfumes up now ?
So this is what I would like to happen , although I know its going to be a slow process, but to have things in stock all the time , maybe never huge amounts, or variety, but the staples and perfumes , so there can always be a constant flow for us both, and not a levee break going on all the time;)
Thats my goal anyways, we shall see. And then have seasonal collections , smaller variety , but bigger volume like this last Halloween collection. Although it is past Halloween, and we are just getting ready to ship now, and I feel like a cow patty for it,
BUT -it was still made from scratch, labels designed, packaged , and about ready to go out the door in record time!!! as well as less stress then any other moona collection to date. I just wish there were not other bigger stresses going on now. But such is life isn't it? eb and flow , eb and flow.......


  1. Thanks for the update. :) Hope your Momma is doing better.

  2. I'm so excited about Medieval! I'm still holding good thoughts for your mother. =)