Monday, November 23, 2009

Friends of Little Flowers

So I have been wanting to baffled off a big ole box of left over Moona product for some time now and I can think of no better cause then Nicole. So lets have a baffled , three dollars a ticket and we donate the proceeds 100% to Nicole. I need to set up a different email for the tickets so I will get back to you asap.
Thank you all and blessings ~moona
p.s.- I will list the notes in the perfume from the previous post just as soon as I can dig them up , and will post what is available this weekend on Etsy.
ETA: I talked to ******, and the best way to do it is to use the gift certificate button they have , I will do it on the big cartel site when I am ready, and I want  to set up another bank account, so it doesn't get mixed into my Moona one on ******. This way I can  keep the money straight and know exactly how much we raised , and the gift certificate numbers will act as a " baffled ticket" numbers, so when we are ready to draw the "ticket", you will have a record. If anyone has a better suggestion on how to do the baffled then please email me or post here, I would love to hear ideas. Thank you:)
So date of ticket selling still TBA.

update: to wet your whistle for what is in the donation box so far: three Stone Cold scrubs, one Coffee Butter scrub, one Bali scrub, one Herbalist gold cream, one Herbal Mercy scrub, one Sea Witch Salt bag,  a Lemon Coke 4 in 1 , two Blueberry Hill soaps and one Sea Salt soap , one 4 oz. Venetian Coffee Swirl Cream,  and  thats not all......
To read about or contribute a donation directly to Nicole please read at the following link :


  1. I'll keep an eye out for the addy for the raffle tickets and remind those on the forum to watch as well. Many of us have been following Nicole's situation. XO lyni/portalkat

  2. I have a very similar disease that Nicole has. You are a great friend for doing this.

  3. I'll be wanting tickets, I'll also try to spread the word on Nicole's situation. My daughter's name is Nicole, it's the least I can do.