Monday, November 23, 2009

What Perfumes may come....

First off I want to thank you all for your amazing patience with me,  as I still try all these years to make the best , highest quality product I am capable of making with my own two hands , and as fast as I can,  get it into your homes as quickly , and as loving as I am capable of.
You all are so valued in my families lives, more then you will ever know.
 I am behind, shocking I know:), and still shipping the fall orders and will have the " Winter " collection descriptions up during the Thanksgiving weekend.
 I call them " Winter" and NOT Christmas or Yule, simply because I am so desperately trying to catch up to be in the season I am shipping.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving everyone,
 and kiss and hug all who you love.
<3 xxoo Moo

Well , as I try and try to organize and reorganize my perfume cabinets ( two of which are armoires) to accommodate all my components, I often find a bottle here and there I missed.
I will at some point photograph them all soon.

I currently have five yes five , oh wait and the ugly big white cabinet from home despair in the workshop full of hat boxes of oils ...and the large shelving unit too..hmm.......
I am running out of real estate to house my components.

UPDATE : these will be listed on my Etsy this Saturday, lets say 9:00 am pacific time.

So off the BAT:)~ I found a bottle of 2007 or was it 08??? Someone help me remember, I was a preggo I believe at the time, of :

Forever!!!: ( a few synthetics in this one) I think I can decant maybe five bottles. This is a synthetic and natural blend of oils and resins. I must tell you I lost the recipe- ugh!! As I did a few oils , especially when I was a preggo, it seems I lost my mind.

This is a heavy on the Dragons Blood, Amber and Frankincense resin, deep blood red oil concoction. Label is now printed on highly oil resistant polyester label, image is an original oil painting by Lisa J. Farrell, aka Moona:)

So they will be listed soon, as well as new decants of :

 TEA READER- My Grandmother was known for her prolific tea readings, I remember the pastry and tea:) Some notes in this blend are four teas, Earle Grey, Orange Pekoe, Green and Black Tea oils, lemon , a slight hint of pastry. ( contains Lemon EO )

 *SELENE - The Dreaming Fairy Queen-This scent is a replication of the very first scent MOONALISA conjured as a wee child, and as luck would have it, still has some of the original concoction in a beautiful vessel to this day for comparison. Amber, Clove, Patchouli & Rose.


I also found in my many late night searchings... a bottle or two from the Kubla Khan collection. They will be listed as well. Notes descriptions still coming....

And I sent one sample out and will send more of a concoction I call " the mixture" :) so that is coming soonish. I will be perfectly frank, this is a late night fiendish concoction of many natural components, some so unorthodox as finding a botanical item in the garden,  late at night and drunken and thrown into the bottle. I have been concocting this sorted elixir for many moons..... , and decanted a smidgen to a beloved-and trusted forum member and she LOVEs it, so soon it will be available for consuming. This on is not ready yet and will be listed at a later date:)

I also found one bottle of " the conjuring room" , just one, and I have yet to hear a review for.

All of the following are 100% botanical natural perfumes:

and a bottle or three worths of vintage-" The Queens Gloves" : This scent was inspired by a recipe for an aromatic powder made to scent the leather gloves of Queen Elizabeth the I . This powder was a gift from her secret lover , the Earle of Essex. Date of original recipe is about 1588. 
It was said she was seen often walking around sniffing the gloves while carrying them in her hand with a smile on her face. 
I took the aromatic powder recipe and converted it into a compendium of modern herbs and oils to recreate the original recipe into a perfume. It has been aged for two years.
This artisan perfume, is made from 100% natural components.
Notes include: Egyptian rose ab, orris root, Benzoin, essence of citron, clove bud, lavender, rosewood , muscade ( nutmeg) , and Amyris are among its components.

" Conversations over Midafternoon Tea" : So this is also an all natural eo blend with notes that include:
Lavender, Orange, Rose Geranium, Red Mandarin, Angelica, Patchouli and others, as well as a dose of " The Queens Gloves" . Making for a really complex , refreshing and calming sensation. and

" Eternal Eve"

oh yes and and even older gold pots of solid perfumes from the
 " Midsummer Scream sale of 07 :Beautiful little gold metal & glass retro looking jars to encase your solid perfumes. Pretty and practical , so you can carry with you if you so desire.

Precious& pure resins, absolutes, concretes and essential oils are made into solids with Jojoba oil and all natural beeswax. Each little jar holds 1/2 ounce of precious solid perfume.

1- natural amber rose ( real amber and Bulgarian rose ab)- SOLD

2- Magic Mirror: a delicious natural recipe amber and clove bud eo, simple and delicious, aged three years. 
Originally sold for 35.00 , on sale for 19.95.

1- Qubala- Notes include: Vanilla like balsam of Benzoin, Light and ethereal Rose & blended perfectly with honey absolute & spices. Available as a solid perfume only.

and one orgasmic "Immortal ":  notes in Violet absolute, Clove Bud, Mimosa , Ylang Ylang , and a touch of the elusive absolute -Immortelle Absolute . Available as a solid perfume only. - SOLD

and if you don't love this scent then I want it, yes I said it ...sorry I really love this one , but it must match your olfactory senses.
If it does you will love it! if not~ you will hate it

and I found one just one vintage Winter Solstice oil roll one- SOLD

and one hand-milled bar of Befana soap- SOLD

so there you have it , a side walk sale of sorts.

So descriptions to follow when the hour is not so late, most of you are familiar with these offerings,  and I apologize for those of you who aren't.
So Email or p.m. if interested before I list them on Etsy.
Thank you all and to all a good night! Moo


  1. Hi Moona,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can make you a custom sign for Madame Moona Lisa if you are interested just let me know. It would be similar to my Madame Know It All sign only with your name instead.
    I enjoyed your movie on your Blog! Have a great day...

  2. Hey Moo! This is exciting and I can't wait until they are up. XO lyni/portalkat