Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MG order update!

ok~ OMG! - So NOW I remember why I don't make the Bath Chocolates anymore! But they are done- so yea!! I have learned sooo much more about ---top ---secret---- things, I have learned and expanded my knowledge of new and exciting techniques using the new equipment! I can NOT wait to have some time to play and invent new and exciting things for you guys!
SO the 900's will
fly now , then onto the singles 1000's which are few, then onto doing the single 1100's while simultaneously multi's in the 900-1100's. And so on and so forth with the higher order numbers.And I am behind on emails from the last few days, I have read them so they are in my brain:), I have been completely immersed in finishing up the stuff I need to do, so I will try to answer everyone in the next few days. And the restock is still going to happen for all the items that were duplicated orders, so no worries on that!! And if you had an invoice lost and still wanted me to invoice you, I think I have contacted you all by now, and if not please email me again before I re-list your items, I would be mortified if I sold the stuff you wanted.Thank you all so much for bearing with me this one last time while we do it this way! ♥

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