Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MG collection shipping UPDATE: MARCH 30th, 2011

Ok ~ another small update, not another update!!
I have a few singles in the 900's left that need invoicing and that is all, two of which are internationals, so you will be getting an email from me shortly.:)
And I have broken the cherry for the singles in the 1000's!!! Hooray~~~
OMG!~ it took bloody forever, I know!! So sorry, but as you may have guessed by now about 85%- 90% of the 900's ARE singles and why sooo long. Not the 1000's, I "think" I have only about 20 or so , then onto the the 1100's like I said unsure about how many because of the time out with my email and paypal's glitch with their notifications at the same time. So once I get to the 1100's I will have to copy and paste your email address into paypal's search engine, so if you have a different one on the ML invoice I may not see you are a multiple, so please email me at:
so I don't start pulling my hair out and cussing looking for the invoice under an email address that isn't on paypal:)
I am hoping it won't take really any extra time too much, because I will be doing the multiples for the 900-1100's at the same time so I need to search anyway..... ok, I am rambling, goodnight:)

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