Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deets on DTM so far....:)

Snuggler cupcake soaps with S'mores "frosting"

I made a post on FB about this,  but I know you are not all of you are on there,  and the mooster was getting fussy and making it difficult to write, he is now napping so here it is again!
I hope it makes more sense now:)
DTM's grand opening is this Cyber Monday- time TBA on my site: 

FREE 4 oz Wild Yam Body Butter in your scent choice for every $50.00 order, orders will NOT be combined! ( sorry:)) Skye is making a section with a drop down menu so all you have to do select and click you free body butter:)` thank you SKYE!
Santa cupcake SOAP all wrapped up!

First and foremost- there will be cupcakes !:)
2nd- I can't loads tons and tons at first because of the TAT being faster, but this is the first DTM. The idea is to keep it open as much as possible so I can still do my limited edition artisan collections at a much smaller volume with a longer TAT which they NEED for me to do what I need to as an artisan.

Wild Yam Body Butter in sample size arriving now in Hallow boxes

Think of DTM as your sort of moopoo fix station!!!:0

Normally what happens is the faster made items which I can get help making sit in the stock room for weeks waiting for me to finish the harder artisan stuff that I can NOT get help making, so it seemed pointless to have that happen anymore. All of these boxes of product just waiting for me to be as close as possible to being all finished to start the shipping process...... While some just ordered the faster stuff and I can totally understand why people can get antsy waiting when they didn't even order the harder stuff, so I am separating the two.

3rd- But we will re-list stuff as I finish making more stuff in days to follow, not RIGHT away, but soon after....

The point of DTM is for me or helpers to be able to make and re-list product as it is made.
This way it can also free me up on how many I need to make, so I don't have to make a ton of each , I can list just a batch or two as I make it.
Because when I do a limited seasonal collection it is limited, but I still have to make a metric ton on each item in order to be able to offer them at the volume we have now not sell out in five minutes, and in some cases 12-20 batches of each item, so it takes a bloody long time for for each and every product to be made, even when I have some already made of the harder stuff.
For example, first -I come up with the concept, and to come up with the scent, I first have to hand formulate and make each scent, in some cases formulate the product recipe itself, hand make the product, design the labels, package the product, and the theme of the boxes ,  the packing of the box itself, yada yada yada- all of which add up to a really long TAT. And to be able to offer  each season I am already working on the next season in concept and component ordering as well as design and packaging and supplies , so its a huge ever rolling snowball turning and turning and turning.

so what is the TAT for the opening of DTM ???
, this first one is 10-15 workings days out my door. It still takes me forever to pack boxes and why NO paper ephemera in DTM boxes, NO combining orders, so sorry but it takes a long time in organizing , finding and then refunding , no time for DTM, they will still have tissue and shred but not the normal Moona box, these are faster.... and this way I can have help packing too ( so far everyone HATES! helping me with the  packing of the boxes Moona style~ they say I am anal;))

And the product we are working on a basic label so I don't have to worry about themes, and have spoke to Kira about having a label to match the site, BUT for this first one , since it is during the Holidays,  they are seasonal this time and may be in the future too, but we shall see.

And as far as what is  already made, some of the stuff that will be listed this first DTM is made , but not all , but most, the creams are a base so they are done,

the scrub is my base from scratch and I have made it , and  it is currently resting in large tubs just waiting to be scented and layered and jarred.
the leftovers are of course done,  but I don't know what we will have until the final Hallo orders are finished up, so soon.  I do still have a good amount of stock left from other sales that I will list, like tons of lip butters and some bath bomb bags etc....
The cup cakes are not done, but since I am still packing the Hallow orders, I have had no time yet, but I will be making them next week. I have a ton of molds to make them faster,  and have been working on the recipe long enough now for your freebie cakes, that I now  have it dialed so I can make them fast!!
and I have enough toppers and cups to make 100 more for the opening of DTM, and I orders for another batch of the cutest Christmas toppers just awaiting for it to arrive.  Ok gotta go , got a few more boxes to finish then be with the fam:)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! ♥

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