Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SITE UPDATE #33330303030 :)

 So the DNS is pointing in the right direction now but I still can't log onto my cpanle and other such things- but the admin area is back and the site will be disabled soonish for working on by Skye.
So the word from the server is we can go live sometime tonight, exact time is unknown at this time.....

SO I WILL LET YOU KNOW, please please spread the word and DO NOT F5 THE SITE HOPING TO SEE AN UPDATE- COME HERE OR TO my Facebook page, or  THE FORUMS FOR UPDATES , we could still crash the site AGAIN if too many people f5 it at he same time. I beg you, thanks ♥

Also: Skye is also invoicing you guys for me all the orders marked "unfinished" in the backend of the site- it seems "unfinished" means they were paid for - but no invoices generated to you or me, ( no worries, they are in the logs)

but marked "QUEUED" means they never got to the check out, those are being .deleted because there isn't enough stock from Sundays counts to check out with anymore anyway, so you will need to start fresh on those. 

And if you did not get an invoice again-PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR ONE TODAY AND CHECK PAYPAL to see if its paid, if unpaid, I wont be able to ship it.
And I don't mean to sound bossy:) I am just really busy STILL packing Mabon orders!!!
Talk to you all soonish!!

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