Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is to come.....

I'm back to my normal work hours tomorrow!!! Dh is finally home!!! And daycare starts again Monday , Yea!!!! It has been a longgggg week, no day care and an unpredictable work schedule for the DH with really long hours all week long!!!
So I will get caught up on everything shortly, last boxes from Winter should be out by Monday morn( some of these very last ones had some complexity to them or missing items from stock counts, and I still have yet to hear from one of my international orders on your preferred shipping, so if you are an international wondering what the heck is up, please email me!!! :)) ,

 and then onto answering pms , convos and emails, invoicing for moneys owed from the WINTER collection, not the ETSY latest, that you can still add to those until about mid-week and pay for them all at once, then I will start the shipping process. 
>>>>>To clarify: So after I announce I have started shipping,  you can still order after that, but I am not guarantying I will combine your orders for things added after  I announce I started the shipping process, so please check the ETSY announcement section before you order to see if I will still combine it before you add. :)<<<<<

 And I still have a few refunds to do from the Winter sale, I normally do them pretty quick, but some of the multiples where so complicated and large, I need quiet time to do them correctly and there has been very little of that this week.

So once I feel everything is squared away, onto ETSY orders and listing a few more things. I think Tuesday will probably be good.
 I am doing an experiment Monday with Monoi butter and bath cream, I will let you know if it works!  And I did make a Monoi floral cream batch, the one with the macerated flowers scent , that will go up for sale as well. And patchouli neroli body powder.... and ...a few other things...
Ok must sleep , haven't had a full nights sleep in a week~ sweet dreams everyone or happy day!

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