Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its almost time.......

So where am I in the orders?? I can see the finish line!!!! hooray!, I thought this day would never come. I always think that, but this one was a really weird collection, I so thought I had it all together quickly, but I forgot about so many things and ALL the details, which is what got me as far as time. I do declare the Halloween collections have the most detail. ANd will make a note of that for the future. And with moms health news and surgery my mind went qabluee (sp)

So I have things in motion and this is a tiny heads up for a tiny collection to start, only about seven items to choose from in various scents.  AND ITS tiny because I MUST change things or I will just be shipping out your winter goodies in April, and no one wants that, least of all me!!!
So.. to save time and to NOT crash my site again, until we can resolve that issue I putting the small and I do mean small collection up on the Big Cartel site- link here:

and I must put them up right behind these shipping out or I will just be in the same boat as far as time again I am afraid.
But the TAT on the Big cartel is 3-4 weeks and I say up to four to give me a little breathing room, and I will list more stuff in a couple of weeks , some of the same I do tomorrow, and some  different, the idea is to NOT create a mad panic anymore and to get more of an ebb and flow type of atmosphere, where you are happy, and I am happy, and rested, and able to do my very best and recharge my creativity at all times:).
 With the collections being So big last year,  and trying to accommodate everyone I could, I just created a HUGE TAT and didn't make anyone happy about that. So until I can get control back I am doing many small releases, and re-listing over and over for now.
Ok- I hope that made sense, and makes many happy, and I know some of you won't be able to order right away, and I wish I could accommodate you all at once but I can't , but please know I am doing this so eventually you can ALL  have your cake and eat too so to speak. More moopoo -more often, for EVERYONE!!!!!
 OK see ya all tomorrow- oh the time, lets say about  6:00 p.m.?? PDST and I will make a list of items here later tonight after minimoo is sound asleep:)
And left over Halloween stuff will go up too , but on etsy-  soon to follow the very last shipped out box- either tomorrow or Thursday morn don't know yet!

PERFUME only orders from the sites or etsy and fix its - all will be shipped this coming Thursday!!!


and we have a new AMAZING artist who did the Mysterious Foaming Fog Salts label!!!!!!!, but I am not going to release them until the end of the month or Feb so the artist will get their proper praise in time and those are also time consuming and I need to order supplies for them and get them together before I even think about listing them, sorry if you were waiting for them this month- next month for sure.
eta: I forgot to add the Enchanted soap that looks just like the Winter Solstice one I did last year- whoops:

First two soaps are guest soaps that are just like the sample, a pretty bee soap design, the others are loaf soaps cut into my regular bars.
The Rose Sywch of Virtu- inspiration of course the Virgin Mother, and my absolutely fav cd I have for this time of year , 

Beeswax hued top layer in four different ambers and bottom layer creamy colored with Frankincense, Pinon Pitch, Copal and a touch of the sacred Damascus Rose. Top dusted with golden mica.

Mother's Milk- Top layer, a clearish honey color with nourishing Shea butter, ground walnut shells ( the same I use for the Mabon soaps),bottom layer brownish and all sweetened with real honey and scented with Almond nectar and oats.
Dusted with gold and cappuccino colored mica

Loaf Soap:
WINTER PORRIDGE , hot steaming oats with cream, butter and saffron infused honey- but the soap also has a spiced brown sugar ripple and made with real brown sugar, and also real honey and gluten free oats in it.

and back from the past:
Snuggler - dark shimmering brown mica and half natural peppermint green, rich dark hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps,
Rigio Jansci Gypsy Chocolate Cake- Rich dark chocolate cake , so much cocoa butter in this one it blooms! and 
Bohemian Velvet- Head shop haven, lots of Incense , dragons blood and patchouli
Venetian Coffee Swirl-

Indigo Ice is BACK!-Woodsy Cedar , blends with warm Tonka Bean , Patchouli , Heliotrope ,Coriander, and a garnish of cool citrus of Bergamot, Red Mandarin, Star Anise, and Fresh Ginger.
Winter Porridge: Steaming winter oats, smothered with melted butter, thick cream, and topped off with a saffron infused wild honey and dusted with ground walnut shells.
I tried a new technique, and I really like it, so the porridge is filling the tub then I pipe in the saffron honey into the middle , tis cool!!

Cocoagasam: DELICIOUS , nutty , hot cocoa and pastry surrounds  a decadent shot of chocolate ganache in the middle. To die for!!!
Enchanted : If you like Spellbound woods you will like this! Its the same fragrance but I beefed it up with four more Amber's, two different Vanillas , including Vanilla Absolute and some additional otherworldly notes:) Making it richer and longer lasting with much more depth.
Chai Tea ( fragrance meet essential oils- result, a realistic Chai scent, the same as I make for the Art House Scrub!)

Betty Forever! In body powder and a roll on oil! Oil comes in cute polka dot fishnet little bag.

a few more scents in  perfumes will be available.

Bath Salts :
Winter Solstice- a blend of different Frankincense resins from around the world, Nutmeg and Labdanum Absolute. 100% Natural essences.
The Rose Sywch of Virtu
Bohemian Velvet
Winter Cold Relief

and another new one I have been infusing like the Tasssomancy salts. I have had salts infusing with Oakmoss and Patchouli herbs for months giving  them a fantastically deep woodsy scent. I don't know the name yet but they remind me of my old Gypsy Blues scent.

Apple Brown Betty
NightCrawlers Wake
AND new
Winter Porridge
Chai Tea ( fragrance meet essential oils for a realistic Chai scent, the same as I make for the Art House Scrub!)

Cream and Body Butters:
New: Body Butter: Duchess of Willowdale (Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors, Honey, Amber, Pipe Tobacco , but with added notes of deep , dark , rich chocolates.)
Some MORE Venetian Coffee Swirl body butter
Oldies but goodies:
Creams in Almond Honey Coconut and
Herbalist Gold

Soy Tin Candles:
Pipe Tobacco, Duchess of Willowdale, Bohemian Velvet, Enchanted  and Snuggle, Chai Tea ( fragrance meet essential oils for a realistic Chai scent, the same as I make for the Art House Scrub!)

4 in 1 gels: Lots and Lots of scents to choose from including , Black Mamba, Bohemian Velvet, Victorian Garden, Enchanted , Bunny Killer, NightCrawlers Wake and Snuggler!!!

Ok see ya all tomorrow at : 6:00 pm PSDT , at:


  1. Thank you so much for such amazing items! They are always worth the wait. :)