Friday, December 18, 2009

UPDATE on fundraiser and moopoo !!!

So it seems I can not do the BAFFLED and receive the money via P*yp*l, and yes they are now "watching" my blog for any wrong doing., and I may not use those two words or my account will result in permanent closure.
So this morning I refunded all of you sweet souls who donated- thank you so much! But don't lose heart, the beautiful woman of one of the forums I am on, are helping me work on a way to do a private auction of goods. And then its no bodies business but our own.  especially if we only take checks and money orders.
And some lovelies are already stepping up with donating their own hand made gorgeous items:)
So stay tuned, and from now on I think we should keep this on the private boards  and emails, so we won't be "turned in" again. Can I roll my eyes hard enough?
And FYI- I called P*yP*l like five times to talk to agents to help me set up the whole site, and have it all on the up, and why it took so long to get it ready. And do you think at least ONE of them knew it was against their policy????? Perhaps P*YP*l should look into doing some better training of their staff so this whole debacle could have been avoided.

 And to> YOU< I am talking to whatever evil troll turned us in, and I do know this Baffle was turned into P*yp*l because of the evidence I have, and a good idea what forum you are from . You didn't stop anything, you may have in-fact generated even more support for Nicole by your evil acts. So Merry Christmas to you, I hope you don't choke on your coal!

as for Moona orders, I am concentrating the next four or five days to getting all these out, or as many as I can, thank you all again, I value and appreciate you all.
Blessings ~moona

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