Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted here......wiping the dust off and starting with some pics of our garden aka over grown wild kingdom-lol

Last years pic of Minimoo picking some veggies in one of the veggie hoop tiers.

one of the many huge over grown rosemary bushes we have, I stated as babies and now bigger then my own baby:)

Huge amount of work needed to get these tiers in shape and expand our herb garden. We have three ginormous tiers, first two are about six by twenty to thirty feet long built in bricked container walls the third back tier is about twenty feet by sixty feet or more, not sure really. That area will take some hired help to fix up. It is on a down slope and  full of fruit trees that need trimming and over grown dangerous brush with wild animals to boot!

Minimoo taking a deep breath after some planting :)

Over grown Wild Tea Roses

Our Moss covered brick stairs leading into the veggie garden area and fruit trees that need tons and tons of work and pruning. The scent after the rains on the moss and flowers was amazing! And fresh!
Solar Garden Light Orbs that Change Colors

Moon peaking through the roses at dusk

One of the many Moon decorations in the garden

Minimoon solar light string at dusk

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