Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Summer restock update~

When they are done,  it will then be the triples turn ( not many triples about 20 people or so ) and singles placed on the 5th- 8th and then that will be it for the singles and triples.

Then onto the quads and up, but  I only have five people or so and they are not that big in quantity of items. So this should go a lot faster then last time as it always does on the restock sales.
And I do believe we have finally finished all the stock counts at last or damn near close, there was a weird glitch in scent counts because I am thinking because of my bozo move having the sale right  when BC went down for maintenance. But since everything is just about wrapped up now it will speed shipping up quite a bit.
And if you think I missed an order please let me know, BC did drop a few orders,  about seven that I can see ( by comparing the amount of PP notifications to the BC notifications) , hopefully not more then that and I know this because I did a search via paypal when I saw a post someone placed four orders and I only have three for them, but they are in PP, so don't worry we can find them and PP itemizes your order and why I like it, when my site loses your orders it is lost for good. So if you see I missed one of your orders Let Me Know asap!!

And why this: So the Halloween sale will be on BC, I talked to Skye and she agreed it would be best. That damn cart on ML would have to be reconfigured to have a hold and I am not sure I conveyed what I wanted well enough, and I just can't stomach it if it messes up on the Halloween sale which always gets hit the hardest every year. We have crashed three servers at least  with the Halloween sale in the past,  NOT THIS YEAR!! ( knocks on wood)
And matching up your itemized order with your paypal invoice and many use a different email and a different  name , yada yada yada it adds eons of time to the processing of your order, not this year:) 
So what we will do from now on that Ginger has some seasoning behind her;), she is going to handle the tiny restocks on the ML  site on her own, so its a reverse frame of mind. My site can only handle non rushed low traffic sales. This way we can keep the restocks  separate from the main collections, and that way the TAT on the restock  items will be super fly fast and not have  anything to do with what I am doing with the seasonal collections.  So we will NOT be able to combine orders from the two different sites, but we will still combine orders within the same site ( example multiple orders placed on BC will be combined and shipping used refund and same for ML) . We hope this way we can get everyone their staples to them as well.  And I will start to preview the Halloween Madness around Thursday.....
OK, salt mines I go:)

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  1. Let me know if you are going to use my image again this year. If you do please send me a samples sooner. I can photograph and then post photos and links.