Monday, July 25, 2011

Update - Rock-A- Billy

Good Morning everyone!:) Been working all weekend and why so quiet. I have to keep strange hours when the mooster is home on the weekends all day, so really... I am NOT a Vampire as some may think ;)... Still on the triples but getting there... We have a major drop of of boxes today, the last of the doubles that didn't make into the shoot on Sat and the beginning of the trips.
Ginger will be back soon , and I have left a pleading phone call so I am sure she will back to help in a day or two. Just in time to help me with the Quads and up so we can GET 'ER DONE!! More of an update later this week when we are in on this sale about restocks, some things coming are my Herbal Mercy facial scrub, Monoi products and my Calendula infused Olive Oil AKA " Soothing Foot balm", scrub parfaits, the Spray in De-tangler from samps, as well as some things we just had but in much smaller quantities available. Some of the scents added to the line up are : Peach Paradise, Cantaloupe Cooler, Mabon, Lavender Chocolate in other forms , Late Harvest and more. New scents like : What if " Dr. Bombay and the Duchess of Willowdale had a baby?"...., a new mens fragrance called " Sexy Bastard" < name is a clue to the upcoming trivia contest next month.... and the new sultry steamy scents I have been working on for a while now , a couple of you got a tiny preview of those... and a few tiny bits of Fall scents here and there.
The way we list it however.. " Now for something completely different",... Some have asked why I never listed this way before, if I list, sell , pack and ship, seems like a good idea, but I take so long packing- I realized early on when I tried it with the ETSY shop- I spend more time packing then production making, so I was open even less of a time then ever back then. So then I tried, " Hey , lets list enough to make as many people happy as we can, great! Packing still takes forever , but still a better process for me... But NOW that we have competent Ginger! > I can do it the way I would like to:) I make the product, she labels the product , I or mooman finish the final packaging, someone else will pull the orders , Ginger packs them, then ship! THIS way we can list in streams, and a much small amount at a time to keep up, so lets give it a try? Can you hear a slight twinge of giddiness? Means getting close to being done ( or sleep depravation has finally kicked in :))!

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